lendingTailored residential lending advice in relation to your need for finance.

rc&a has accredited Mortgage consultants and financial planners that have the years and professional knowledge required to ensure the advice is structured to best advantage your overall taxation and wealth creating strategies.

superAt rc&a we view superannuation as an essential asset in creating your tomorrow.

It is never too early to have at least some level of formal advice as to how your superannuation strategy can fit into where you are now. With an ageing population and budget pressures leaving your superannuation dormant/neglected for too long could severely impact your tomorrow.

rc&a are able to provide advice across any regulated superannuation fund including SMSF. Our advice in relation to your superannuation will always be based on your “Best Interest” and not a specific product.

insuranceAt rc&a personal insurance advice is simply protecting your tomorrow. It includes the value of:

  • Your income is your tomorrow
  • Your wishes for you and your family if you are not here tomorrow
  • The importance of protecting against a range of traumatic illnesses and injuries if they disrupt the creation of your tomorrow
  • The importance of your Business value in your tomorrow
retirementAt rc&a planning for your retirement does not start the day before you retire. It is a culmination of your hard working life and combination of the various investment and protection strategies you have implemented over the years.

rc&a can provide appropriate retirement lifestyle funding solutions including government, corporate and personal superannuation sources.

wealthAt rc&a we provide strategic & investment advice for those alternatives outside of super & retirement pensions.

This may be appropriate for:

  • Children’s saving/ education plans Investing surplus funds over and above superannuation contribution limits
  • Diversifying into investment areas which may be suited to a geared/leveraged approach i.e. investment properties, share portfolio (managed or direct)
  • Saving a deposit for your first home